James + Megan :: Arrow Rock Romantic Engagement Session


I’m smiling as I sit here and type because Mike and I cannot wait for the wedding of these two really, really wonderful people on Saturday. Meet James and Megan. After five years of dating, they’ve chosen to make it official and become Mr. and Mrs.! He’s the romantic. I’m pretty sure she brings it out in him. She’s the free spirit, the one who made the first move. Together, they make a pretty killer team. How cool it’s been getting to know them, watching James enthusiastically support and encourage Megan’s dreams to leave her career as a teacher and pursue a career in engineering. Way to go, man. They tackle everything in life together and we can’t wait to see them put that same passion for each other into their forever together.

For their engagement session, James and Megan wanted it to be personal and special. And you know Mike and I, that’s pretty much what we’re about. So, of course, we were game to visit James’ home town of Arrow Rock, Missouri (home of the oldest lyceum theater in Missouri)  for their beautiful, romantic, sunset-kissed engagement session. It almost seems like fate arranged this partnership between the two of them and us. We love, love, LOVE discovering wonderful little pieces of history, and have down so extensively in the state of Missouri already. How wonderful to add the wonderful Arrow Rock to our list!

You guys, thank you for making JSi part of your wedding story. We consider ourselves so blessed to help tell it! We’ll see you Saturday!

Blessings~MIKE + JULIE

Arrow Rock romantic e-session session stream creek waterfall photo

Arrow Rock romantic e-session session white picket fence photo

Arrow Rock romantic e-session session photoKANSAS CITY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER


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