Our couples are THE BEST!

JSi couples are THE BEST out there. We truly believe that. I hope you can feel the “ginormous” hug we’re sending out to you right now. A wedding is no small ordeal, it’s huge. Trust and faith in your photographers is HUGE. We love you all so much!

So, this is probably the greatest blog post we here at JSi have written to date. Why, you ask? You’ll have to make it to the end of this post to find out 😀

Big blessings~


bouquet bride groom awesome wedding pictures gown tuxedo tux

cool wedding pics kiss i do

Did you catch that lil blue box right there? BEST OF THE KNOT 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eeeek! This is huge and humbling all at the same time. We could never say enough thank you’s to our amazing couples who shared their experiences about working with us to help earn this award. We love you guys and have loved each and every smile, first dance and “I do.”


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