Introducing… Modern Framed Prints

If you haven’t already noticed, we’re not your everyday photographer…

and we love it.

In addition to our approach of telling your family’s stories through fun and real images, we also vary from others in what we do following the session!


Many photography studios these days are what we refer to as “shoot and burn” studios. This simply means for one fee, you will receive a photo session AND the digital files from the session. The word “shoot” in the term is self-explanatory, but if you didn’t know, the “burn” comes from when we used to “burn” files to CD/DVD’s. If you remember burning disks you probably don’t use words like “sus” and “cringe!” While this might sound like an amazing deal for folks to take advantage of, we hold strongly to the belief that it does y’all more of a disservice than a service. If you want to hear more about our thoughts behind this, just head to a past blog post titled Don’t Fall for the Digital Trap. Be sure to come back though… we’ve got some fun news to share!

We are passionate about you enjoying your images. This means stopping and admiring your walls daily or picking up that album and flipping through the pages. While digital files are great (we really do think they are), if we just handed you the files and sent you on your own way to find the best canvas printer, framer, or quality album maker, we would be doing you a disservice. We’ve already done the leg work by researching quality print labs in every category of product we offer. But we also take the lead on prepping your files for print, creating customized designs, and making sure your art looks 100% perfect before it makes it into your hands.
Where would you hang a photo of your family? Or would you prefer an album?x


This brings us to the point of this post!!

Over the past year, a lot of y’all have asked about framing. Now usually, custom framing is a beast with hundreds of frame options, colors, and mats out there. It’s highly customizable, which is good, but also overwhelming. So, we’ve shied away. Our peeps like options, but they like easy even better.

Welp, we’ve listened to our people and found one freaking fabulous product that not only helps us keep the whole process simple for ya (something that’s very important to us), but also is a unique offering that you can’t get anywhere else.

We are SO. VERY. EXCITED to be introducing our Modern Framed Prints!

This one-of-a-kind wall art has your fave image printed on beautiful watercolor paper and then given hand-torn edges for a suuuuuuuper amazing fine art look (so fancy, y’all). The print is mounted in a deep float-style frame with the option of a suede underlay for a little pop of color. Did we mention it comes ready to hang on your wall? You get 100% unique and gorgeous art without all the headaches of traditional framing.

You guysssssss. You just have to see these beauties for yourself. There is nothing like em.

If you’re new to MIKE + JULIE | storytellers, click the Contact Us link in the menu or hit up one of the other session style pages in the menu to see what we’re all about!

If you’ve already had a session with us… don’t worry! Have you thought of getting one of these bad boys from a previous session? Just reach out to us and we can chat!

Blessings~MIKE + JULIE


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