Matt + Crystal :: Kansas City Engagement

 Meet Matt and Crystal, a sweet, goofy and HAPPY couple about to make it official this Saturday! But first, we want to show off their sweet Kansas City Engagement Session from last Fall. These two fit so well together as evidenced by every picture. Come on, seriously… adorable much? It all started their freshmen year at Wichita State where East met West. Matt grew up in Johnson County while Crystal was from Southwest Kansas. Living across the hall from each other that first year was all it took to hook them both.

Matt speaking of his future bride, “She is amazing. I love everything about her and couldn’t live without her. I’ve known she is the one for a long time.”

Not to be outdone, Crystal has these wonderful words about her future groom, “Matthew is my favorite person. I am so blessed that God created such an amazing man to share my life with and to be the leader of my family. I’m a sucker for his blue eyes and his smile lights up my life. I love when we share our triumphs and challenges with each other and am so excited that we get to do so for the rest of our lives.”

Guys, Saturday is going to so awesome and we honored that you chose us to capture it all!

Blessings~MIKE + JULIE

Kansas City Country Club Plaza engagement session photo

KC Country Club Plaza engagement session photo

Kansas City Loose Park engagement session photo

 Kansas City Wedding Photographer


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