Daniel + Anna :: Kansas City Nelson-Atkins Engagement

We have a delicious story for you today! Meet Daniel and Anna, two crazy kids that are tying the knot this Saturday and we CANNOT wait for it to finally get here! We met up with them for their Kansas City engagement session at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art on a warm-ish winter day (yes, it actually could have been much colder!). Such troopers! It was awesome getting to know these two and hear more of their story. We started out with a nice regular engagement session, although even then, we could tell that Daniel and Anna were sweet, romantic, goofy and happy together. Man! It’s so much fun getting to know each couple and telling their story with pictures! Anywhooo, on with this story. Daniel and Anna met on Match.com, so we thought it would kinda cool to spend some of our session at a coffee shop and bust out the laptops. It didn’t hurt to get inside and get something warm to drink either.

Oh! I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned a very important piece of the story yet! Daniel is a KU fan, while Anna is… you guessed it… a K-State fan. There is a rivalry for sure! This is important to know when hearing their engagement story. You will see more about that below. For now, thank you for stopping by the JSi blog and getting to know these two! Daniel and Anna, Saturday is going to be awesome! Thank you for making us part of it!

Blessings~Mike + Julie

KC Nelson Atkins Country Club Plaza Engagement session photo

Kansas City Nelson Atkins Country Club Plaza Engagement session photo

See these adorable shirts below? Daniel had them made special for his proposal to Anna. After dinner on the last night of Hanukkah, Anna’s dad gathered everyone in the living room and turned on a slideshow of Daniel and Anna together. Daniel took off his sweater to reveal his KU “Marry me?” t-shirt. When Anna said yes, he gave her a K-State t-shirt of her own. How thoughtful and amazing! How sweet that on the night he proposed, he made sure his and her families were included and part of the night. Way to go man!

Kansas City Nelson Atkins Country Club Plaza Engagement session photo



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Sherri Hermanson
Sherri Hermanson
9 years ago

As the mother of the groom and mother-in las to the bride I couldn’t be any happier!
I love you both so much!

Let the show begin. Xxo

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