Ervin + Kayla :: Sweet Woods Engagement

This Saturday is important. The whole family is filled with excitement and anticipation for Saturday to finally get here as my little brother, now very grown up, is getting married!! Eeek! What a huge day and Mike and I could not be prouder to see this day come for these two. Ervin and Kayla met when they were 16 and even now are STILL best friends. Throw into the mix their handsome, amazing, perfect son EJ and it’s For those who’ve been around the JSi blog, you’ve seen these two before, but now it’s time for some sweet, sweet engagement pictures! For Ervin and Kayla’s Kansas City engagement session, we chose a place that is special to the two of them. One of their favorite things to do is taking walks, especially in the woods. That time together is precious for them. These two are committed to showing each other how much they love each other and the evidence is right there in these stunning photos. We cannot wait to be there to witness it on Saturday. And, bonus, y’all get to see me (Julie) do my best to rock it out in FRONT of the camera… You heard me. I’ll be the one in ma’ bridesmaid’s dress and my standard wedding photog garb. For those who’ve had us at their weddings, you know it’s a lot. I’m pretty excited <insert confident smirk> to rock my outfit (but, seriously, I really AM very excited to play both of these parts on my little bro’s day)!

Ervin and Kayla – we’re so close to the big day! Hopefully, these images put a smile on your face and remind you of the awesomeness ahead this weekend! Love you guys!



Kansas City sweet woods engagement session photo

KC sweet woods engagement session photo


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Ladeana Hemry
Ladeana Hemry
8 years ago

I too am excited for Saturday to be here. Ervin will officially become our son in law. We pray God’s blessings on their life together. Love these two and EJ so much.


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