Josh + Robyn :: KC Union Station Engagement


Oh my goodness, we are SO pumped for this coming weekend! JSi has two truly wonderful couples to photograph this weekend! We can’t wait to introduce you to both! Today on the JSi blog, Josh and Robyn’s Kansas City engagement session! These two are so much in love with each other. Such genuine emotions! Josh is 100% in love with Robyn. Just looook at the way he looks at her. Gah! To every woman out there: you deserve to have a man that looks at you like THIS. Settle for nothing less. That’s an order.

One thing about these two that Mike and I automatically connect with is that Josh and Robyn work together, like spend all day, every day together. Sound familiar? We are all too familiar with this scenario and it is SO COOL to see another couple that loves being together as much as we do!

We had really hoped to be outdoors for their engagement session last Fall. Alas, Mother Nature had different plans. She (Mother Nature) seems to be doing that a lot lately! The troopers that they are, we headed inside to Union Station. Sometimes you gotta roll with the punches. In truth, it doesn’t matter a whole lot where your pictures are, but rather how happy you are as you have them taken. These two are a shining example of that! And, we love that you can see a hint of that smokin’ connection between them. They are a little bit of passion and a little bit of smitten all rolled into one handsome package!

Life threw us something really awesome, and anyone who wouldn’t jump at this would be crazy.

Josh and Robyn: Sunday is going to be so special and we CANNOT wait to be there with you!

Blessings~MIKE + JULIE

Kansas City Union Station authentic engagement session photo

Kansas City Union Station authentic engagement session photo Kansas City Union Station authentic engagement session photo KC Union Station authentic engagement session photo


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