Kansas City West Bottoms Happy Real Personality Senior Session Story
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Michaela | Kansas City Senior

Meet Michaela. She’s sweet, she’s happy, and FILLED with laughter.

We’ve said it before… Our favorite thing about seniors is being able to show off who they are right now in life combined with where they’ve come from. Michaela has a fierce ability to ‘own it’ when she wants to; she looks so confident and mature. BUT! Do you see how her eyes light UP when she laughs? We can totally see glimpses of the little girl she once was, who we hope will always be in there.

We also loved hanging with her whole crew at her senior session. Sessions are so much more fun when we have a posse to hang with, laugh with, and especially for getting juicy stories. And who wouldn’t want a few pics with their bestie? We always ask if there is anything special seniors would like incorporated into their senior pics, and Michaela chose her BFF Briana. How cool!

We’re excited to see where life takes Michaela next year. She’ll be headed to the University of Central Missouri in hopes to pursue a career in radiology. She’s also got some other plans for the meantime that sound like a blast and we will have our fingers crossed they pan out for her the way she hopes! Thank you, Michaela, for including us in your senior year!

Blessings~MIKE + JULIE

Kansas City West Bottoms happy real personality senior session story picture

Kansas City West Bottoms happy real personality senior session story picture


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