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Hey there awesomesauce peeps! How the heck have you been? It may seem like all has been quiet, maybe too quiet even, over on the Mike and Julie front, but we promise some super duper fun and intriguing stuff is happening in the background. We are STOKED to share it all with you. Just give us some time and all will be revealed, pinky promise!

How about some adorable family goodness while you wait? Meet the Brown Family. Two cool and happy parents,but it’s the kiddos who stole the show here, with giggles and personality for days and days. Is there even a better combo than that? I think not. This particular morning was one of the more brisk ones in Kansas City last Fall, but these guys were troopers. Smiles the whole time. Who even has time to be cold when you’re busy being this happy? (Side note: to see juuuust how happy they were to see us Mr. Mike, scroll to the very bottom of this post.) 

Big sister is witty and wicked smart. From the first time we met her 4 years ago, she has always had just a bit of grown-up-ness mixed into her sweet little temperament. She loves to tell you about all the wonderful things that are happening in her world. Sometimes I wish I could just set the camera down and listen for a good long while. Little brother is all boy. If you can make it a little louder and a little rougher, he’ll love you forever. He loves to laugh and you know you’ve REALLY gotten his attention when he sticks his little tongue out! But, oh boy, when you put these two together, that’s when the magic happens. Moments like this are why we train, lol. You gotta keep up, and don’t you dare blink, cuz you’ll miss the pure sibling gold if you do. We do love the fast-paced world of these munchkins!

These images are utterly how these two are, no staging. Someday their relationship will evolve into something else. And we think it will be just as awesome, but it will be different. Man!! How COOL to collect these images and put them into this family’s archive! For them to have and look back on forever. We can’t wait to see what these 4 are up to next year and to see how things may have stayed the same or how they’ve subtly changed. Enjoy looking through some of our faves from this year’s session.

Blessings~MIKE + JULIE

Overland Park kid personality lifestyle family portrait session photo

Overland Park kid personality lifestyle family portrait session photo


And before we go, we just wanna say how much we love being part of your families. We know it’s a small part, but when your kiddos feel comfortable enough around us to dog pile, we know we’re IN. And that is the best seal of approval we could ever ask for!

Kansas City lifestyle documentary photographer dog pile photo

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