Like Father, Like Son

Hey, guess what?! It’s snowing… again… or maybe it hasn’t even stopped once where you are. I see many hours of shoveling in KC’s immediate future. So, while resting between shoveling endeavors, here’s a sweet little story to brighten your snow-laden day!

We had the chance to meet up with the Allen family at Christmas time to catch a snippet of daily life. What’s life like with the world’s cutest nearly 2-year old? Take a look and see for yourself.

The Allen family totally embraced having a “normal” day captured. You know… Rock your best blue galoshes, love on the cat, dream of all the playing you’re about to do outside, ride and ride some more, say hi to the chicks, and then round it out with some hot cocoa.

This is what perfect days are made of.

There’s one very cool thing we learned when we revealed this family’s images to them… It turns out that we managed to capture something really special at this session, something multi-generational. It’s something they never would have thought to ask for, and something we could have easily missed if they’d only had a portrait session.

When we caught the picture of little man playing with his fingers (peek ahead to this pic of his sitting on the counter top, toward the end of the session), it’s something that Grandma instantly remembered from the past. She recognized this as something this fella’s dad did when he was a little boy.

With this image, a mom can remember exactly how small her son’s hands were at this time and that sweet little habit he has. With this image, a grandma can remember a forgotten part of raising her own son, who is now a father.

We can’t tell you how special hearing this is to us. This is what we love about documenting life. You never know what images you can’t live without until you take the brave step of having your life documented.

Blessings~MIKE + JULIE
documentary family pictures at home in winter photo
documentary family pictures at home in winter photo
documentary family pictures at home in winter photo
documentary family pictures at home in winter photo
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