Mr. & Mrs. Smith go to NYC

Way back when we were youngsters, we took a trip to New York City (be sure to make it to the bottom where we have a special gift for you). It was truly THE vacation that set our hearts ablaze for exploring and diving into big cities. We always promised ourselves we would return when the Freedom Tower was completed. Combine that with my (Julie’s) absolute fascination with all things Christmas (Rockefeller Center was so enchanting) and Mike’s love affair with pizza and it was the time to revisit this great city….

So worth it. Even in the dead of winter, this city truly never sleeps! So. Our favorite thing about traveling is stepping into stride with the rhythms of the places we visit. For NYC that means walking. Bring comfy shoes kids. We managed to do around 20K steps a day without even trying! Yes, we were pooped at the end of each day and it was glorious!

So, what can we leave you with besides some fun pictures? We have a short list of our FAVORITE and FREE things to do while in the Big Apple!

1. Central Park – Dude. Even with it being our second chance to explore this park, we’ve still barely scratched the surface. We did manage to see a pretty cool street performance and the Bethesda Arcade (sooooooooo pretty you guys…..). What a fitting place for Julie’s traveling arabesque picture!

2. The Brooklyn Bridge – I just don’t even have the words for this one. What a beautiful, magnificent structure! So much grandeur and history that you can just walk right across! An absolute DO NOT MISS in our book.

3. The High Line – This was one of those kind of unexpected finds on our trip (thanks Mauria!!). The high line is a free park built on an old rail way on the West Side. Did we mention it’s elevated above the street so that you’re walking right there between buildings? I know, cool, right? It’s a super easy walk in a fun part of Manhattan.

4. One World Trade Center – This was the reason we promised ourselves we would go back, how could we leave it out? The first time we visited was in 2005 when the site was still being cleared. Remembering that day and finally seeing it in person marked our hearts forever. It’s powerful to see the beauty that has come from this moment in our country’s history. While there are certainly some worthwhile activities to pay for (One Trade Center Observatory, 9/11 Museum), we’re sticking to favorite free stuff in this post. Even just walking around the two reflecting pool memorials, it’s an important experience to have. INSIDER TIP: Visit the really awesome mall nearby, soooooo cool!!!!

5. The Subway – This one isn’t free, but it’s one of the most economical thing you can do while in NYC (aside from those pretty darn good 99 Cents Fresh Pizza places that are everywhere). We love public transportation! I’ll say it again, WE LOVE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! No matter where we go, we really try to take advantage of it. The NYC Subway is filled with unique opportunities and feasts for the eyes! Plus, it takes you everywhere you need to go!

Man, there is still a ton we haven’t listed here and SO MUCH we have yet to explore. We can’t wait to go back again. Thanks for stopping by today and sharing a little bit of our adventures with us! #theadventuresofmikeyandjules

Blessings~MIKE + JULIE

Husband and wife wedding engagement and family photographers visit New York City NYC Central Park dance arabesque in Bethesda Arcade photo

Husband and wife wedding engagement and family photographers visit New York City NYC Brooklyn Bridge photo

Husband and wife wedding engagement and family photographers visit New York City NYC subway One Word Trade Center Freedom Tower photo

Husband and wife wedding engagement and family photographers visit New York City NYC pizza Grand Cetral Terminal Chysler Building Empire State Building photo

Mike and Julie 2005 NYC photo

Wow!!! We were such babies!!! This was on the ferry to take a sunset cruise around the island!

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7 years ago

Julie and Mike,

Thank you for sharing your New York vacation, it is truly inspirational. I love your personized vision of the city and how you have expressed it in both words and pictures. You have fused your unique talents for photography, and your love for travel, into a compelling visual journey that is truly memorable. I alway enjoy looking at your website to see the amazing pictures you have on display. You guys are amazing.


Ervin J. Marshall Jr.

Melissa hingula
Melissa hingula
7 years ago

Awesome pictures! Looks like you saw some of all the awesomeness that is NYC!

7 years ago

Such great pictures and memories!!

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