Kansas City Candid In-home Documentary Family Photography Session
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The Hruska Family :: Why You Need Pictures in Your Home

I’m chatting with mom as she preps lil man for his 6 month session… and after awhile her super-mom spider sense kicks in. It’s quiet, too quiet.

What’s even better is mom knew EXACTLY where to go when the silence set in. The bathroom with all mom’s make-up and jewelry. Oh yeah folks, mom nailed it, and because we had our cameras ready you get to see this sweet little moment unfold. Enjoy!!

How many of these sneaky little moments could you see happening your house? Or, the better question is: How many actually HAPPENED this past week?

Here’s the moral of the story. You need pictures. (Now Julie… Isn’t it your job to remind us that we need pictures?) No, we mean pictures of your life, as it’s happening, in your home. C’mon now… here us out on this one. How many of the above moments could have ever happened anywhere besides home?

We hear what your asking yourself right now. Is my home good enough for photographers to come take pictures in it? We say yes! But, is my home perfect? Well, maybe no. Ours sure isn’t, but it’s OURS. Think of it this way: What you see as a house with an infinitely long honey-do list, is the home your children are going to intimately remember every detail of when they’re older.

Mike and I reminisce all the time about fun little quirks and moments from our growing up years. Oh, how I wishhhhhh we had more pictures of some of those things. Like my sis and I playing in our epic A-B-C wallpapered bedroom. Like long summer days spent diving for pennies in Mike’s backyard pool. What memories just popped into your head?

Life as it’s happening right now will be a memory someday for you and your kiddos. It’s worth capturing, even if not for now, as much as a gift to yourself later.

Never forget though, that even if you’re not ready for an adventure like this, JSi still loves you and wants to see your beautiful face any way we can getcha!

Blessings~MIKE + JULIE


Kansas City candid in-home documentary family photography session picture

Kansas City candid in-home documentary family photography session picture

Kansas City candid in-home documentary family photography session picture

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