When is it Time for Updated Family Photos?

Well, hello blogging…! It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it? We know… it’s been a WHILE. But we have a great reason for the long absence! We had such an incredible Fall season with you fine folks that blogging about our photo adventures kinda sorta fell to the wayside. We’re sorry. We’ll do better. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for filling our schedule! Now that it’s dumb and cold outside (hello polar vortex of cold miserable achy death) we are for sure not outside taking pics. What a perfect time to catch y’all up on some of our favorite sessions from last Fall.

Feast your eyes on the Enloe family. From beginning to end, they rock. Plain and simple, they rock. I mean they’re just one of those families who really like each other. Gasp! That’s a thing? Yes it is. This family is proof that you CAN have great family pictures EVEN when your kiddos are older. These guys have been with us on our photography journey since nearly the beginning. We’re more grateful than ever to have created this most recent set of images for them 🙂

Do you find yourself pushing off getting updated pictures now that the kids are getting older? We get it. They’re not changing as quickly as they used to. Life and schedules just eat up your time and before you know it, it’s been like 5+ years. Whaaaa?? When did that happen?

Is it time for new pictures?

Here’s the test: Take a stroll past your last family pictures. You know, the ones proudly printed and displayed on your walls… (They’re not tucked away on a jump drive, riiiight?) What do you notice? Do you find yourself saying things like, “I remember when they used to ___.” a lot? Do you instantly realize they’ve changed more than you thought? Then, my friends, it’s time.

Just know that getting your pictures taken should always be a fun memory your family created together. Because you hung out, laughed together, and played together! Whether it’s with us or anyone else, make sure you get out there and create those memories! We believe photos should be an experience, not something to ‘get through’ or do as a favor to Mom. We go so far to say that even DADs should walk away with a smile on their faces. I’ll tell ya what. That’s what happens when we’re done with folks. Check it out below. We dare you to say these peeps didn’t actually have a good time 😉

Blessings~MIKE + JULIE
Kansas City real personality family photos picture
Kansas City real personality family photos picture
Kansas City real personality family photos picture
Kansas City real personality family photos picture
Kansas City real personality family photos picture
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