Shelby | Kansas City Senior

As the year is coming to a close for the seniors of 2017, we wanted to squeeze a few more of our favorite images in before it’s too late. Meet the incredible Shelby. She came to us because she was excited to have images that represented who she really is, real smiles and real expressions. We’re so glad! That’s what we love to do around here! For anyone who’s had any sort of session with JSi, you KNOW we love to find your real smiles. In fact, as you read these words you’re smiling because you fondly remember the lengths we go to to achieve those real laughs!

Okay Julie…. back to the images…

Isn’t this girl simply RADIANT?!

Just look at that beautiful confidence in her eyes… and how the whole image seems to light up when she laughs! She nailed it at her session. Shelby, you were so much fun to hang out with and photograph!!! Thank you for making us part of this wild, crazy, and awesome year in your life!

Now… to the class of 2018. Yeah, we’re talking to you. Where you at? You ready for us? Just in case you were wondering…. It is, in fact, the perfect time to start planning your senior session. We would love nothing more than to make your senior pics totally distinct for you too! So whatcha waiting for? Give us a call. We’re always on the hunt for seniors who want something just a little less cookie cutter and more distinctive.

Blessings~MIKE + JULIE

KC City Market fun happy high school senior pictures session turquoise photo

KC City Market fun happy high school senior pictures session flower dress photo

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