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Things you need to know about this family. One, Jake and Maggie are two of the coolest, best people we know. Two, of course they would become amazing parents. Three, Miss Logan is such a sweet, thoughtful, and happy little girl who is growing up so quickly. Four, they have been trusting us with their portraits since before Logan was a twinkle in their eyes. We’ve watched them navigate this parenting thing from the beginning and it’s been a cool journey to witness. I know what you’re thinking at this point in the blog… you want to see some of their photos, right? See their newborn family session HERE.

With how fast Logan is growing up and turning into her own independent little self, we knew it was time to get some updated portraits. And, with Maggie being an artist (Co-Artistic Director with Kacico, a contemporary dance company in Kansas City), I thought the Prairie Fire Museum was a perfect place to get some beautiful scenery, but let us relax at the same time. Look at all this delicious color! I know these guys had a great time, just look at those smiles. I think I may have made myself a new best friend with Logan. For the second part of their session, we decided to incorporate some of their favorite activities together as a family. For anyone who’s worked with us, you know that we ask what we can do to make your session more personal. These guys love being outside, creating sidewalk chalk art, and who can forget blowing bubbles? If you look closely, you’ll see my favorite picture from the day, and that is when Logan makes a face that I can only describe as, “who farted?” Perfection.

The warm season is quickly approaching. If your family (or senior, or wedding, or newborn) would like to get on our calendar… run, don’t walk, to the computer and drop us an email right away. Our Spring is filling in quickly and we want to see you!


Overland Park Prairie Fire Family Portrait Session Photo

Overland Park Prairie Fire Family Portrait Session Photo

Overland Park Prairie Fire Family Portrait Session Photo

Kansas City home lifestyle relaxed family portrait sessoin photo


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