Tips to Make Your Senior Pics Rock!

Senior pictures tips and advice Kansas City photographer photo

This one’s for the seniors… well… for you juniors who are juuuuuust about to be seniors anyway. We know y’all are feeling ready to start thinking about all things senior year and we want to help. Here’s your chance to get some really useful tips as we answer some of the top questions we get asked about senior sessions. We’re also throwing in three of our pro tips as well. Ready to dive in? Let’s do it.

QUESTION #1: When should I start thinking about my senior session?

Hands down, the best time to start reaching out to photographers is February, March, and April. This gets you prime access to the best time slots before anyone else snatches em up. It also gives you plenty of time to do your research on photographers that match your style, chat with the ones you’re considering, and then plan for your session. Plus, wouldn’t you rather start finals with that decision taken care of already? One less thing to think about.

Senior pictures tips and advice Kansas City photographer photo

QUESTION #2: When is the best time for my senior session?

Summer. Oh my gosh, if there is one thing we wish our seniors knew ahead of time it’s this one. If you wait until your school year has started, then you’re trying to fit this important session in amongst the 152 other things filling your schedule. Man, that’s stressful. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Don’t wait. June is a GREAT month for your session. Chances are you’ll still have a few weeks before the heat of summer kicks in and everything that’s supposed to be green still is, lol. Most of our seniors book their session for June or early August, at least a week or two before senior year starts.

Now. If you’re looking for Fall color, we still think you should book early. Why? Fall color is the #1 requested couple of weeks out of the WHOLE YEAR for photographers. Get a good spot before anyone else takes it. AND… we know what you’re thinking. When will the Fall color be best? Well, the truth is we’re not meteorologists, so we do our best. But you can usually bet on the last half of October, give or take. Here’s a tiny head’s up for those Fall sessions: Give yourself room in case of having to reschedule for weather. Unless you live for being outside, in the cold, with your cute clothes on, and no coat, running for the blanket and hand warmers between shots. Just a thought…

Senior pictures tips and advice Kansas City photographer photo

QUESTION #3: Any advice on how to prepare for my session?

Yes! First things first, what does your session come with? How many outfits does your photographer allow? What parts of town do they work in? Will they allow friends or pets to be in a few shots? This is the time to figure out what your style will be like. As you gather outfits, test them out. Do they show your bra straps? Do they show your tan line (don’t assume your photographer can or will automatically photoshop it out)? Do they meet parents’ approval? Send pics of your outfits to your photographer ahead of time. This helps us when we’re scouting locations. Then, when it’s time for your session, here are some tips: Don’t get a sunburn right before your session!! Make sure nails/toenails are clean and old polish is removed. Bring a mirror, brush, powder, and lipstick/gloss to touch up throughout the session. Bring extra clothes, jewelry, etc. to your session just in case your photog wants to mix it up.

Senior pictures tips and advice Kansas City photographer photo

Senior pictures tips and advice Kansas City photographer photo

PRO TIP #1: Tell your photographer what it is about YOU that you want captured.

This is our favorite part of the session, every time. We live for working with you to make a collection of images that is PERSONAL. A set of images that when your friends see them, they cannot get over how much it all just seems like… you. Make sure to talk/email with your photographer ahead of time about including your passions/interests/hobbies/pets/BFF. Tell them insider things about your personality, your expressions, your goals. If you need help thinking of the expressions part, ask your friends. They know! Would the places you love to go to make for a cool session? Never forget to tell your photog your favorite color.

Senior pictures tips and advice Kansas City photographer photo

PRO TIP #2: Consider having professional hair and make up for your session.

First off, we like you just exactly how you are. We (speaking for Mike and Julie, not other photogs) love it when a senior shows up, doesn’t give a flip about that stuff, and totally owns it in front of the camera. But, if you’re not one of those people and you want to feel beautiful without worrying, or you just happen to love hair and makeup, let the pros do it! A great hair and makeup artist will ask you questions and customize your look to make you (and mom) happy. They’re just better at keeping frizziest at bay and covering pimples than just about anybody. Agreed? Nothing beats the polish that pro makeup adds to your skin either. 

Senior pictures tips and advice Kansas City photographer photo

PRO TIP #3 (and arguably the most important): Ask your photographer if you can get one shot with your mom and dad.

Guys. This season of life is hard on mom and dad. They love you and want to see you grow up and succeed, but they also are going to miss their baby next year. One really great picture of you with your parent(s) will be one of the images they treasure most from your session. Plus… chances are mom and dad are the most financially invested in this session, right? Why not do this one little thing for them?

Well, that’s it! These are the things we wish our clients knew before they even reach out to inquire. We hope you feel armed and empowered to rock out your senior pictures this year!

Blessings~MIKE + JULIE

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