Daniel + Lia :: Fun Romantic Belvoir Winery Engagement Session

How sweet and romantic are these two?!?

We felt it was high time you met this fabulous couple. We love us some Daniel and Lia and simply CANNOT wait to hang with them this weekend! Gahhhhh, it’s gonna be so much fun!

Here’s why we love them so much. One of the first impressions they gave us was their dedication to each other. We totally noticed how dedicated he is to her. He’s so in love and it shows in all the little things he does in consideration of her, in the way he takes care and time to delight her and make her feel special. You can just see how happy it makes him to make her feel special!

Hopefully, as you browse through our favorite images from their session you can see how much she appreciates him by the way she just lets herself “be” around him. You know what we mean… That way only the most special person in the world can make you feel more like yourself than anyone else ever has kinda feeling. You know the one. We have been able to get such a wonderful sense of their relationship just by how she lets her guard down when ever he’s around.

So, why the winery you ask? Wineries are a part of how they spend their time together. You know you’ve found good folks when they say they appreciate a nice, lazy day sipping wine at a winery… It was also at a winery in Smithville that Daniel popped the question. We could not think of any better scene for their engagement session. Yay!!!

The amazing peeps at Belvoir Winery were super sweet to let us use their gorgeous property for these photos! Seriously, the next time you find yourself with some much needed down time, stop by their place, try some wine and meander around a bit. This place has such a cool history, totally worth checking out.

Daniel and Lia – we’ll see YOU Saturday! Are you ready for us?!? P. S. We have no idea what Mike said to Daniel at the end there, but it was a pretty big hit!

Blessings~MIKE + JULIE

Belvoir Winery romantic and fun engagement session photo

Belvoir Winery romantic and fun engagement session photo

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