Don’t Fall for the Digital Trap!!

Don’t Fall for the Digital Trap!!

If you’ve spent any time with us at all, you know this next statement is true:

We are passionate about you enjoying your images. That means walking past, picking up, flipping through, and smiling at, physical pictures of your people EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

While we believe digital files are an incredible (and valuable) product to have, we also feel strongly that you need real, physical stuff… to hold in your hands, walk by, glance at, and literally pass down to your family.

So, here’s the thing. There’s a photography business model out there where for one ‘fee’ you get a photo session and the digital files from that session. Technically, you get it all. Right? Well, we kinda think this is creating a pretty big void in this generation’s memories. It certainly isn’t putting the conservation of your family’s memories first. Not only does handing over the digital files increase the risk of your memories being lost (more on that below), but if you do decide to print images on your own, you’re left hanging to figure out the best way to display them, the best printer to use, and y’all… you risk being left with a lesser quality product that might not last long enough to pass down to your family.

As we said, we are freaking passionate about you enjoying your images daily. We’re also just as passionate about guiding you through the process. Who doesn’t want help to plan the best session? Or, guidance on which size artwork looks best on your walls? Who doesn’t want someone to take care of the design work for them? We don’t simply give you some digital files and say, “You’re on your own… good luck!” We will always walk you through the process of getting that fabulous family of yours onto your wall or into an album. 

Some digital file food for thought:

ONE: Who’s received digital files in the past and never printed them? It’s ok, we won’t make you raise your hand… but you know who you are! 😉 Seriously though, why invest in amazing family photos only to toss that jump drive in a drawer? Or worse… that CD? Print those bad boys! Enjoy them! Laugh or smile at them daily! Let them remind you of what life is, and was, like!

TWO: Physical photo products JUST LOOK BETTER. They do! We look at y’alls faces… A LOT… and y’alls faces look soooo much better on a canvas than on our computer screens! They just have a certain “Umami eye flavor” to them. Ok, I invented that last phrase, but we’re partial to the images we make and even we are blown away at how breathtaking and beautiful physical prints are when they arrive… and they’re not even pictures of our family! 🙂

THREE: Who’s had a hard drive have crash, computer fried, lost files, or found files mysteriously corrupted? You guys, it’s not just a tech failing issue, it’s also a tech CHANGING issue. Our computers don’t even have CD/DVD drives anymore. Heck, we have old photos of us on CD’s from a looooong time ago that aren’t even viewable anymore. Technology changes… your prints and albums do not. Time-proof your memories.

Now, if you tell us that in 50 years you’ll gladly ride your little hover chair over to the computer and proudly show off your digitals to the grandkids, we’ll leave you alone… But, we’re banking on that photo album working out a lot better.

Cue the Reid family. Check em out below. THEY GET IT! We custom designed a beautiful photo album from their session for them to enjoy day after day. The only issue is that they only have one and the boys will have to arm wrestle over who inherits it once mom and dad… well, you know! 😉

If you are looking for daily enjoyment and longevity out of your family photos… click to learn more about our Family Portraits!


Blessings~MIKE + JULIE

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