The Johnson Family

Wha d’ya get when you take four kiddos under the age of 4 to a portrait session? (Sounds like the beginning of a great joke now that I type it out… hahaha…)

Come on now, you already know the answer… Chaos, beautiful chaos, that’s honestly what you get. So this is the part where you’re really questioning my sanity. Oh I can hear you, “Julie, you don’t just go around calling chaos beautiful you crazy girl!” But, life is beautiful! No matter what is happening. This is your now. If that means it’s chaotic and messy, we think it’s beautiful, and perfect. There will be plenty of time in life to be neat and orderly later. Why rush it? There will come a day when your kiddos stop snuggling when they need comfort. Before you know it, those belly laughs will be fewer and farther between. Someday, everyone will sit nicely next to each other, but today is not that day.


Has anyone taken the time to tell you that lately? There is so much beauty in REAL.

Okay, back to the session below. We love the collection of images that resulted when we met up with the Johnson family. Brian, the dad, is one of the amazing worship leaders at Westside Family Church, and our entire church family is blessed by him. We love how mom and dad just soaked their kiddos up and had fun with them in front of our cameras. Can you imagine being any one of these kiddos when they grow up having pictures like this of yourself with your parents? Tell you what… there aren’t even words for how I would treasure having an image like that.

So what are you waiting for? That day when everyone can finally cooperate at the same time? Pshaw, that day isn’t coming any time soon, and you’re missing out on what’s happening now! Let’s get together and capture some of the amazing things about your family right this very instant, before this period passes with too little evidence of it. We’ll be here with our cameras ready when you are 🙂

Blessings~MIKE + JULIE

Kansas City authentic fun candid family outdoor portrait session photo

Kansas City authentic fun candid family outdoor portrait session photo

Kansas City authentic fun candid family outdoor portrait session photo

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