The Pennington Family

So guess who’s on the JSi Blog today? The Penningtons-yaaaaayy! If you’ve spent any time at all stalking us (and hopefully you have) then, you know the Penningtons well. They’ve given us the privilege of photographing their family for 5 years. 5 YEARS!! Thank you for sharing your smiles and your lives with us and congrats on making it into the JSi Hall of Fame! You are such a deliciously fun and happy family. Seriously, for those who don’t know them, they love each other out loud and it just bursts through in every image. It’s been fun to track Aidan’s favorite things since we first started photographing the Penningtons. This year, he is into his ninja moves, hence the wicked awesome ninja kicks you see 🙂 We also HAD to incorporate one of the things this family lives for-the Kansas City Royals. I’m pretttttty sure they bleed blue. Our session was even right before one of the play-off games. That just goes to show you how awesome they are. They risked missing the beginning of a game for pictures! What a fun session it was. After we spent some time ninja kickin’ at the Liberty Memorial, they hopped into their Royals gear and we headed over to an empty ball field that was just begging us to use it. Once we finished a little game of tag and some base running we decided to go epic and bust out our super fun lighting. Hope you enjoy seeing this session as much as we loved creating it.

Thank you guys, for another GREAT session. You have been such a blessing to us. We love you guys and can’t wait for the next five years!!




Kansas City Liberty Memorial fun relaxed family session photo

Kansas City Liberty Memorial fun relaxed family session photo Kansas City Royals baseball field fun family photo session photo



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