Phil + Gabby :: Sweet Urban Kansas City Engagement Session

Attention JSi peeps!! Let us introduce you to a couple of amazing people. Meet Phil + Gabby.

Now that you’ve met them, let us take you back to the first time we chatted with these two. It was a dark and stormy night… not really. If we recall correctly, it was a pretty sunny that day, actually. We had a table set up at a new venue’s open house. If you’ve planned a wedding, you know the scene: samples of our images, an awesomesauce slideshow, a few of our save the dates and invitations for past clients (why YES, we DO design save the dates and invitations… they’re pretty cool, just ask about ’em). The playful Phil and radiant Gabby were checking out the venue as a possibility for their upcoming wedding. We, of course, didn’t realize how playful and lighthearted Phil was at this time, but you couldn’t miss how beautiful Gabby was. We struck up a conversation with them regarding their wedding and their plans… from this we could already tell how much they cared for one another. They moved on to the next table at the venue, but not before they took a business card and Mike said, “Call me maybe!?” (not really, we made that part up.)

Fast forward to when they started their photographer hunt.


Now that you’ve met Phil + Gabby and heard how we met them… now you get to hear how they met each other. These two lovebirds first met when they were young teenagers, but reconnected and started hanging out in the spring following their senior year in high school. Once they started hanging out again… that was it… it’s been non stop ever since.

“She’s my better half. I like to think I’m a good person, but I do everything better with her.”

We’re pretty sure you want us to wrap up here so you can get to the engagement photos… but we just wanted to leave you with a quick run down on how Phil proposed. In addition to being his sneaky little self and proposing to her during a Valentine’s photoshoot (a repeat of their first Valentine’s Day together), he had another treat up his sleeve. He surprised her with a helicopter ride above Kansas City before continuing on with their evening! They are the first JSi couple who’s had a helicopter ride during their proposal!

“He is my rock, my best friend that always has my back.”

Phil + Gabby! We will see YOU this Saturday! We’re so stoked to be there, telling this next chapter of your story.

Blessings~MIKE + JULIE

Kansas City sweet loving urban engagement session photo

Kansas City sweet loving urban engagement session photo

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