All The Feels! :: The “One-on-One, Live-Streaming, Stay in Your Pajamas” Camera Class

All The Feels!!!!

use your camera skills to document you changing life camera class

Welcome to the final installment of our series about our new…


In this series of posts, we’ve shared what we consider to be the 3 main elements to good photography. To us, photography is technical, artistic, and emotional. These make up the 3 core sections of our class. Take peek at week 1, the overview. All of this will make so much more sense once you do! Then, don’t forget to read the other posts about the technical and artistic part of this class.


This is our own little “storyteller” bias we included in the class. Hey, we can do that… it’s our class!! ? Kind of like what Uncle Ben told Peter Parker (you know… Spiderman… c’mon). “With great power comes great responsibility.” It’s the same for your newfound camera knowledge. Obviously, photograph what makes you happy. If Mike could make a living of photographing pizza he would. But, please be sure to document all those special people in your life. Portraits? Go for it. But don’t neglect using your skills to tell your family’s story! Capture those peeps of yours doing the activities they love. Document all the things about your little one that makes you smile. Photograph the little everyday moments.


All those special things you want to remember? They just won’t last forever. How amazing would it be to have your camera ready and having the skill to photograph those special moments of grandma with her grandkids or that fun wrestling game your kids play with dad.


use your camera skills to document you changing life camera class

Photography (to us) isn’t just about snapping a quick pic to remember a moment, it’s about documenting that moment in a way where the love and emotion just jump out of that picture and smack you upside the feels. In 20 years, once your kids have changed and outgrown the cute little habits you currently hold dear, you’ll be so happy you spent a few hours in your PJs arming yourself with the knowledge to become your own family’s historian.


Don’t just snap a photo. Tell a story. Archive a memory. Freeze a moment.


use your camera skills to document you changing life camera class

That’s it! Our “Stay in Your PJs” camera class blog series is done. It’s a good thing too… we’re much better with our cameras than with typing! So if you have a DSLR camera and find yourself frustrated with the task of taking better pics, or maybe you’ve given up all together… this is a class you should check out. We’ll provide easy to understand explanations and visuals for each of the areas we talked about in this blog series: Technical – Artistic – Emotional! You can totally rock this, just let us lead you step-by-step during the one-on-one live-streamed beginner camera class as you learn the skills necessary to take your camera out of Auto mode and take some incredible photos of your family. And we promise, by the end of the class, you will know how to Shoot. In. Manual! Heck Yeah!!

Don’t forget the previous posts! This one will make much better sense if you head back are read those first.


After attending your one-on-one class you’ll automatically be enrolled in our follow up email learning series for F-R-E-E: Emotional Storytelling in Your Images!

You’ll also have permanent access to us via our Facebook Photo Class Community group. Once in the group, you will be able to chat and learn from other class attendees as well as always be able to get continued help from us in your growth. There will be fun assignments to practice your skills and post your results along with others in the group. 

beginner online camera class purchase
beginner camera class online phone talk
beginner online camera class purchase
beginner camera class online phone talk


-2 hour live online class by MIKE + JULIE | storytellers
-2 instructors for virtual hands-on help
-course guide
-additional 6-Part E-Course
-access to our private Facebook group to continue to hone your skills with feedback and guidance from Mike and Julie

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