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online camera class for moms and beginners stay at home clickinmoms

If you missed the previous post about our shiny new…


then click here to take peek at it first. Trust us, this post will make soooo much more sense once you do! This post, along with the next two, will be talking about the 3 main sections of this class. Our take on photography is this: Photography is…Technical, Artistic, Emotional

online camera class for moms and beginners stay at home clickinmoms


Have you ever turned your camera dial away from the Auto setting? To any of the other mystical letters on the dial? The M, Tv, Av, or P (or, for you Nikon weirdos ?,  M, S, A, P)? If so, then you probably realized pretty quickly that you had no idea what in the heck you got yourself into. Did your pictures come out too dark, too bright, or just plain blurry? From there, you likely did what so many others before you have done… you slapped it back in Auto and said to yourself, “Meh, that’s good enough!” and settled for the lackluster photos you were getting. What if we told you we could take the confusion out of those other modes, teach you the three main things you need to know to take a better photo, and arm you with the power you need to step up your photo game! Well, we have a fun way of making this section a bit less like brain surgery with easy-to-understand methods for visual, verbal, and hands-on learners.

During our technical chapter of the class, you’ll first be learning why Auto mode isn’t your friend and why you should to take more control over the settings on your camera. We will not only get your nervous fingers to turn that dial to Manaul (M) mode, but we’ll also chat about what the heck Manual mode (M) even is! We will guide you in your transition from Auto. We’ve totally got your back the whole time! You will not only learn what was causing your frustrations when your pictures were too dark/bright and blurry, but also how to prevent those problems in the future. Oh yeah, we’ll also tell you how to add that beautiful blurry background you love in the images you see (yup, that is a technical part of of using the camera as well). This is where you will learn that photography isn’t just art… it’s science!

online camera class for moms and beginners stay at home clickinmoms

We’ll provide easy to understand explanations and visuals on all of this! You can totally rock this, just let us lead you step-by-step. And we PROMISE, by the end of the class, you will know how to Shoot. In. Manual! Whaaaa???

Don’t forget the next couple of posts. We’ll be diving into the other sections of the class. Artistic and Emotional. But, since we’ve got ya right now, wanna know what else you get along with your mad new camera skills?

After attending your one-on-one class you’ll automatically be enrolled in our follow up email learning series for F-R-E-E: Emotional Storytelling in Your Images!

You’ll also have permanent access to us via our Facebook Photo Class Community group. Once in the group, you’ll be able to chat and learn from other class attendees as well as always be able to get continued help from us in your growth. There will be fun assignments to practice your skills and post your results along with others in the group. 

Thanks for reading this far and check back soon!

beginner online camera class purchase
beginner camera class online phone talk
beginner online camera class purchase
beginner camera class online phone talk


-2 hour live online class by MIKE + JULIE | storytellers
-2 instructors for virtual hands-on help
-course guide
-additional 6-Part E-Course
-access to our private Facebook group to continue to hone your skills with feedback and guidance from Mike and Julie

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[…] so much more sense once you do! Then, don’t forget to read last week’s post about the technical part of this […]

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