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Our Top Tips for Your Fall Session


Family pictures are a meaningful investment. We want to help you do everything you can to make sure you love your experience this Fall. So, here are our top tips for your stress-LESS Fall family session!


1. Don’t wait for October or November.

Do it now, while the weather is nice. And, while there are enough nice days in the season in case of needing to reschedule. Your comfort during your session is such a huge part of what makes you able to relax and have images of everyone actually having a good time, so be sure to get these bad boys checked off your list before it starts to get too cold!


2. Weeknights are 1000% less stressful than weekends.

We know. Weeknights come with their own stuff, but if you could see that popular Fall portrait location on a weeknight… Ooooh weeeee, it’s glorious. You can park as close as you want. You can take advantage of the spots with the best light and best location because the place is gloriously uncrowded and quiet (which is particularly important when you have easily distracted little ones). Plus, there are just more weeknight time slots than there are Saturday time slots. Honestly, this is our #1 piece of advice to make your portraits less stressful and more fun this year.


3. Fall color is overrated.

There. We said it. We’d much rather have a great, mild day and not do battle with Mother Nature as well as every other family in all of KC who wants the same colorful location. Plus, do you really want it to be Autumn on your walls all the time? …You know us. It’s always been way more about family connection and FUN than this year’s latest and greatest patch of colorful leaves.


4. Let us take care of your Christmas cards and Christmas gifts for you.

You spend a few minutes with us on the design and we take care of the rest. How freaking awesome would it be to be the first one to get your cards mailed out when it’s time? And we have such COOOOOOL product options for gifting! You will surely be the winner of gifting this year. The only we can’t do is mail the cards for you or wrap those beautiful gifts. Well, we can. But we’ll let you take care of it.


5. Finally, remind yourself, it’s okay to let yourself off the hook if not everything is 100% perfect.

This was never meant to be stressful. It’s okay if your outfits didn’t come together perfectly as you envisioned. It’s okay if a few family members aren’t feeling it at the beginning (this is where we do our best work, we promise). Try not to let these things peck away at your peace before the session. Take to heart what we said earlier. IT’S ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT THE PEOPLE IN THE PICTURES more than anything else. Slap that smile on your face, trust us and the process, and enjoy your people. Let us take care of everything once you arrive.
What is one area in prepping for a family photo session where you could stand to give yourself, or your family, a little bit of grace?x


If you love our style (see more on our Family Page) and are ready to book your family session for this fall… the next step is to request a Family Style + Investment Guide >>HERE<<!


Blessings~MIKE + JULIE



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