Loving Kansas City Family Session

With just a hint of fog in the air on a muggy June morning (c’mon, when hasn’t it been muggy in Kansas City this year?), we met up with a family that we just cannot get enough of. There is no need for you to really ‘meet’ these guys. As you probably already recognize them. The Schnieders family has been a part of JSi’s story for many years now. They are happy and genuine, and with each JSi session we’ve had the complete joy in watching them grow as a beautiful family. Chris-the papa, the maker of giggles. Kelley-the momma, best snuggler, and designer of every cute outfit you’ve ever seen from these guys. Chance-the big brother… BEST big brother, with a zest for life and his little sister that exciting to witness. Sweet Elle-the little sister, sensitive, who is guarded with her smiles, and who lights up when she sees her lamby.


As you can see from the first set of images, we started out smashingly! She’s saying, “You betta watch out!” Oh, they love each other so much! You guys, THIS is what we seek to capture at every one of our sessions. Especially when it comes to families with kiddos. Of course, we want a beautiful smiling at the camera portrait. But, seriously, ask yourself. What images will you and your someday-grown kiddos love looking at more? Their children will cherish images of their own parents captured as they were when they were little.

Now, I will say, sweet lil Elle played a tough game. But, in the end, we got humungous smiles and laughs out of her. Lamby sure did make a difference in her sweet little demeanor. And Chance, man! Based on these images, I’d say a career in modeling could be just around the corner if he were interested 😉 What an animated and loving little guy he is!

But, I have to say, the win goes to the family picture at the end. All parents remember what the crazy days felt like, when their kiddos were young, and running around everywhere. When they never stood still for more than a mili-second. We feel like we’ve represented this phase of life quite well. Would you agree?

Hopefully, we’ve gotten you thinking that juuust maybe JSi can handle your crazy family or even keep up with you guys. Well, you’d be correct! We love happy, crazy, busy, and REAL families. And we’d be honored if you chose us to capture your family sometime soon!

Blessings~MIKE + JULIE


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Bob Serman
Bob Serman
8 years ago

A wonderful young family. Miss you guys.

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