A Senior Picture Experience Built For You

A Senior Picture Experience Built For You

In our opinion, every senior who steps in front of our cameras should get a unique and individual experience. Sometimes that looks like a session with all the bells and whistles. Other times, it looks like a smaller, more targeted experience that cuts through all the extras and goes straight to who you are. 

Whether it’s 4 hours and 5 outfits (if that’s you, read about Darcie’s experience), or just one stellar outfit and a shorter amount of time (like Cody featured below), we’ve got something for err’body.

BTW: there are some major benefits to less outfits!

  • Less ironing and fretting over what to wear… need we say more? 
  • Fewer outfits mean more shooting time and more momentum. The more momentum we build together the more comfortable you feel in front of the camera. The more comfortable you are, the better your images get. Also, more shooting time=more images to choose from. Win-win, for sure. 
Regardless of which experience fits you best, you deserve to have a senior photographer who will listen to what you want your images to be like, who can help you relax when the cameras are out, and one who’ll connect with you quickly, creating a powerful set of images that really and truly put a highlighter on all those things that make you marvelous.
What would your Senior Experience would look like?x

If you’re a senior who wants a great experience, then check us out. We’ve got something for everybody. See if our mix of fun and relaxed photos is for you by visiting our Senior page by clicking the “Senior” button below! 

Johnson County Senior Photographers
Blessings~MIKE + JULIE
Overland Park boy senior pictures photographerOverland Park boy senior pictures photographerOverland Park boy senior pictures photographer

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