Somersaults and Sweat :: Why High Energy Sessions are Awesome

To all you mommas out there with young kiddos: we know the chapter you’re in right now feels chaotic, messy, and possibly crazy. But we want you to know how beautiful your chaos is. Your pandemonium is downright AMAZING!

Would you agree?

Here’s the thing. We LOVE energetic kiddos and what they bring to their family’s session. When you think about it, they’re just being themselves and to us, that’s the biggest compliment we could ever receive. When kiddos feel comfortable enough in front of our cameras to be the turkeys amazing little humans they are, that’s when things get good 🙂 What is truly marvelous though, is when mom and dad just roll with it.

What you’re doing is letting kids bring out the true “flavor” of your family. You’re telling them it’s okay to be who THEY are. You’re not telling them to be who YOU want them to be. And to us, that’s what is most important during a family session.

We hope you come to us because you crave images that truly freeze this moment in your life. We don’t just mean images that document how much the kids have grown in 2019, but what life feels like, right now, to be in your family. We hope you understand that everything you love and cherish at this moment WILL change. Yes, the kids will keep growing, and they’ll lose both their front teeth… and of course, it will be just in time for family pics. But so many other little things about their personalities will change, too. M+J peeps know the benefit and necessity of capturing life how it really is… not just standing frozen in a pretty field smiling straight into the camera.

We are so crazy about this set of images from the Wilson family. They have 2.5 kids… ha! It’s actually true! Big sis is 3, little bro is 1.5 with a sweet little bundle on the way. This session was a few things, but boring was absolutely not one of them.

We did somersaults in the grass, we giggled, we crashed into each other, we wrestled, we got sweaty. And you guys ❤️ it’s the most beautiful set of images ever.

So the next time you feel like life with your toddler feels like too much, just remember: this is a season. It will be over sooner than you think, and it’s actually way more beautiful than you realize. If you need help freezing today’s memories, call us, maybe? We’d love to see what your story looks like.

Blessings~MIKE + JULIE

energetic filled with life family photo session picture energetic filled with life family photo session picture energetic filled with life family photo session picture energetic filled with life family photo session picture energetic filled with life family photo session picture

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