Are YOU having fun at your portrait sessions?

One of the things we love most about this session was that we were able to let the little guys loose and document them being what they are… kids.

“But wait… wasn’t this a portrait session? Is that even allowed?” Well, welcome to MIKE + JULIE | storytellers, you must be new around here 😉

At MIKE + JULIE sessions, we do our darndest to get you relaxed enough to actually have a good time when our cameras are out. Go back and read that again because it’s worth grabbing on to. You SHOULD be having a good time at portrait sessions. Bet you didn’t even think that was possible, did ya? Here’s the thing… actually having a good time = actually liking how you look in your images. We firmly believe that family “portrait” sessions should be fun and fluid. In fact, we think games and goofiness should be mandatory for every session.

Meet the Lambert Family. Big bro was such a sweetheart and little bro was loving life as a one-year-old who’s recently found his running legs. You know exactly what we’re talking about. Once a kiddo discovers the joys of moving, they do not want to stop, ever. Not for one second. So, we figure, why force them sit still when they were made to move?? Why not make a game out of it? Y’all, life should be more fun. And portraits should DEFINITELY be more fun. We’re here to show you it’s possible!

Sit back and enjoy smiling through our favorite images of the Lamberts. Once you’re finished, be sure to get your very own Fall session scheduled!!  (shameless plug… sorry, not sorry) 😉 Seriously though, wanna learn more about booking your Fall session? Follow this link!


Blessings~MIKE + JULIE


family photos filled with love and life family photos filled with love and life family photos filled with love and life family photos filled with love and life

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