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Here’s How We See Things

Our mission, “to help families step outside the box of what they think ‘family photos’ need to be and embrace documenting their family’s moments now, for the future,” is something we feel strongly about!

We want y’all to know that you don’t have to go about your family pictures in a way you don’t enjoy just because “that’s the way it’s done.” How many times have you gone through the family photo process just to be less than thrilled with the results? Why does your family look like every other family out there? Where is the personality, the connections, the life? We feel strongly that each time you look at this collection of images you should feel something. You should be reminded of all the ways your family looks, of all the ways y’all love each other. After all, these are your (most of the time) favorite people in the whole wide world.

When it comes to photos with MIKE + JULIE, here are a few core beliefs we bring to your photo session.

Fake is a naughty four-letter word

We don’t think perfectly posed photos are all that great. We feel strongly that a session should represent you… nothing fake or contrived. 100% you. 100% genuine. Everyone standing in a field, perfectly dressed, perfectly posed, and every single person is happy and smiling at the camera? That’s not what you’re really like. When you look back at that photo in 20 years, what will you feel? Let’s create a collection of images that reflects all the love, craziness, and joy you have in each other.
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Sessions should be fun

Photos should NOT be a chore! They should actually be FUN for everyone involved Yes, even dad. Two of our biggest priorities during a session are that you’re actually having fun and are relaxed when our cameras are out. When those two things happen your pictures are inherently better. Sessions to us are more about hanging out and playing than trying to contain everyone, making them stand perfectly still, and smiling at us. You probably just chuckled at the thought of your kids sitting still and smiling at the camera, being nice to each other. It’s ok… we won’t tell.

Photos now for the future

Just imagine what it will be like to pull your photos and albums out someday and look through them to show your grandkids what their parents were like. Will you have images of the faces your child made, of the way they snuggled you on the couch when they were teensy, of the things they loved and could not be without? We worry that you might not remember it all and having tangible reminders of your memories is your best insurance policy against forgetting. Just think back to each time a new Timehop shows up. Don’t you just get flooded with memories and feelings? THAT is what we’re talking about when we say photos now, for the future. We want to know you are delighting in your artwork until it’s time to pass it on to the next generation. We think your photos should live on after the session, not just in digital form (are you really just gonna rely on your iCloud to store your images forever?). Print your memories, friends!

So now you’re probably wondering what to do next. Well, if we haven’t scared you off and have you a bit intrigued… just click one of the buttons below that matches the type of session you are looking for to get more info!

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Blessings~MIKE + JULIE

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