5 Reasons Mom Deserves a Photo Session for Mother’s Day

5 Reasons Mom Deserves a Photo Session for Mother’s Day

So. Mom (or wifey) has casually mentioned that she’d love updated family photos, huh? Leaving you a bit terrified? Cuz, like, you’d rather get sinus surgery than step in front of the camera? More on that later, stay tuned.

Here are a mere five reasons why you should get the mom in your life a MIKE + JULIE photo session for Mother’s Day:



Fool, she taught you how to pee in the potty. She deserves all the things.



That projectile vomiting when you were little? You know, the stuff she caught with her bare hands? That woman deserves a medal!



She doesn’t want your homemade cards. You’re an adult now. She’s earned the good stuff.



She has serious concerns she is screwing up as a mom. But, look at you! You’re a walking, talking, living example of how spectacularly she’s succeeding. 



This woman has dedicated her life to your, or your children’s, survival and happiness. It’s been her life’s work to get her children to this point in their lives. What she’s done, what she’s given, can’t be repaid. But… if she’s expressed wanting updated family pictures, now is the time to surprise and delight her!
What is the top reason your mom deserves a family session?x

At this point, you’ve conceded our point. Mom is most definitely AWESOME. Buuuuut, you’re still not very eager to get in front of the camera. Tsk tsk. Rest assured our photo sessions are not like the portrait sessions you’re used to. We’re not about the stiff and perfectly posed photos. Rather, we like having fun and making it fun for you too. Go check out our post, Here’s How We See Things, to learn more about our take on photos! We are also Dad Approved!

You’ve sparked my curiosity, what do I do next?

See if our style is right for the mom in your life. Come on, you know mom’s style by now! If she’s the life of the party, we might be the photographers for her! Then, if we pass the test, the next step is to get in touch with us to plan your surprise!

P.S. Did you know we have a session option where you can pretend the camera isn’t even there? Ooooh, yes, please!

Blessings~MIKE + JULIE

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