What Should I Wear??? | Outfit Tips For Family Sessions

What Should I Wear???

Probably the #1 question we get once a client is ready to think about their session is, “What should we wear?”

The Truth?

We’re not as concerned with what you wear as much as we are about how you connect with each other when you’re in front of our cameras. But, we know it can be one of the biggest stressors in prepping for your session. And stress is something we never want you to feel about a session with us!

When it comes to outfits, here are some good things to consider:

Would You Rather

The way you dress will impact how you feel at your session. Would you rather be carefree and totally in the moment OR continually worried that your shirt is coming untucked or that you can’t move in your skirt? Our #1 goal is for you to be in the moment and feel comfortable. So choose outfits that you can move and sit in. We call it the wiggle-giggle-tickle test. Choose clothes that you feel GOOD wearing and that pass this test when you pick up your kiddos. Trust us, if you FEEL comfortable in your clothes, you’ll have a better time. Make sure clothes fit properly. For example: That beautiful shirt, you know the one, the one you can only wear while standing perfectly still or else it comes untucked or perhaps even bulges a bit where it buttons? That maaaay not be the outfit for a Mike and Julie session, just sayin’.

ALSO: Anyone, any age, wearing a dress, should wear shorts/bloomers underneath for sure. This isn’t the time to assume your adorable, but oh so wiggly, 2-year-old will sit still and be proper. And ladies, tell me you don’t feel a smidge self-conscious when you’ve only got undies under that dress and then the photographer asks, “Can you sit down?” We’ve seen the panic and uncertainty hit when we ask that question.

The Trouble with White

Unless you love looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost, we suggest staying away from plain white. White is best for layering. The truth is, some white materials will straight-up GLOW on your photo. The same goes for extremely bright and neon colors as well. In little bits, or part of a pattern… sure thing, go for it. But a plain white polo? Y’all, please don’t do it. Now, white jeans… they’re popular, and not bad at all actually! There’s something about the jeans material that photographs pretty well (as compared to some shirt materials). But ask yourself: How clean will these really stay when I’m picking up my kiddos, playing with them, and sitting in the grass?

Personality is a Must

Make sure each person’s personality is represented! Honest to goodness, if that crazy dress with cowboy boots is what makes your 6-year-old happy and totally into it on the day of the session? Then, that’s the outfit we want her to wear. It’s important to us that each person who steps in front of our camera feels great about themselves when they’re there, whether it’s a 3-year-old who refuses to be contained or a 40-year-old mom who just wants to feel her best. When a person has a say in what they wear, that empowerment transfers to the session. Some photogs love it when every outfit and pose come together perfectly, but smiles and genuine connections are lacking. We are not those photogs. We love real, we love a little chaos, and we LOVE what makes each person unique (note we didn’t say perfect). We think real IS perfect.

Final Thoughts

Our ultimate goal with your clothing choices is that they are a nice complement to beautiful facial expressions and connections happening in the image. We don’t want clothing to be the first thing that stands out about a picture. You don’t need to perfectly match, those days are (thankfully) over. But, finding 2-3 colors for everyone to gently coordinate helps the images be more about the people and less about noticing colors that don’t jive with each other. If one person wears a plain colored shirt, have another wear a pattern to mix it up.

Believe it or not, this is an area that our clients continue to knock out of the park. You can, too!

Want to learn more about our take on Family photos? Check out our Family Portrait page… but don’t forget to learn about our UNportrait Sessions!!

Blessings~MIKE + JULIE


what to wear outfit tips for family photo sessions in kansas citywhat to wear outfit tips for family photo sessions in kansas city

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