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“That Was Actually Fun” – We Are Dad Approved!

Mom. Imagine it.

Family picture day actually being a hit… with everyone in the ????? family. ???⁣⠀
Yes. Even the hubby. Bet you didn’t think it was possible, did ya?⁣⠀
Family sessions with us are not what you’re used to. Our biggest goal is for every person in front of our cameras to feel happy and relaxed. We don’t settle for decent smiles. We make sure you actually have a good time while you’re with us, and that ensures REAL SMILES.⁣⠀
We’d love to spend some time with you this Fall and show you exactly what we’re talking about. ⁣⠀
?? you’ve had pictures in the past and your photographer didn’t do a good job helping dad relax, we got you.⁣⠀
?? you have a dad who’s learned that family pictures are just “something to get through”, maybe it’s time to try us out. We’re different!⁣⠀

Click the button below to find out if we’re your kinda photographers and to get you started on your path to happy dad pictures!

Click to learn more ? DAD APPROVED PHOTOS


??’? ???? ?? #saynotoboringphotos⁣⠀

Kansas City family photographers dad approved




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